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Technical documentation

  • ENplus® Storage Guidelines

    The ENplus® storage guidelines describe the requirements to preserve fuel quality and provide safe storage of pellets for both professionals (such as installers) and consumers. It covers the technical properties of pellet stores as well as information on safe and adequate operation of these stores.

  • ENplus® Bag Design Guidelines

    This document includes mandatory requirements for ENplus® certified pellet Producers and Traders regarding the approval of a pellet bag design showing the ENplus® seal. It is based on and extends the requirements of the ENplus® Handbook, version 3.0, Part 2, relating to the requirements for bag designs showing the ENplus® seal.

    The following document provides additional guidance regarding the translation of the bag designs

ENplus® Handbook version 3.0

  • Part I : General
    • General information and overview
    • Scope of the ENplus® Certification Scheme
    • Definition of terms
    • Normative References
  • Part V : Scheme Organisation

    This section contains the requirements for organisations responsible for conformity assessment, namely:

    • Certification Bodies
    • Inspection Bodies
    • Testing Bodies
  • Part VI : Schedule of Fees

    This section contains the schedule of fees for all ENplus® certified/listed organisations:

    • Certified Producers
    • Certified Traders
    • Certified Service Providers
    • Listed Inspection bodies
    • Listed Testing bodies
  • GHG Calculator

    Within the ENplus® scheme, the Carbon Footprint (CO2-eq emitted per tonne of pellets produced) of every certified pellet production plant has to be calculated thanks to this tool. The data gathered by the ENplus® Management is for aggregated country statistical purposes only.