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ENplus is the world-leading certification scheme for wood pellets
✔ Peace of Mind
Once you have chosen the right quality class for your appliance, ENplus certified wood pellets guarantee a smooth, hassle-free operation.
✔ Consistent Quality
The requirements set by the ENplus certification scheme guarantee that certified pellets respond to the same criteria from one load to the next, and over time.
✔ Reduction of Maintenance Costs
By controlling the characteristics of the pellets, ENplus ensures that your appliance will require the bare minimum in terms of maintenance costs.
How is ENplus different than the other schemes?
✔ Stringent fuel requirements beyond the international standard ISO 17225-2
Regular check-ups on quality, thus not a single act of quality certification
Third-party certification scheme ensuring transparency and credibility
✔ ENplus® guarantees high quality along the entire supply chain, from pellet production to the delivery
High quality wood pellets are efficient, affordable, and renewable, making them an excellent 'green' alternative to fossil fuels.
"Having a pellet boiler is the best solution you could have in a country house. The past two years we have used pellets with the ENplus certificate and we are very satisfied with the quality."

 - Rasmus, Denmark
"Excellent quality and not expensive at all! I have always used the same supplier and I see why the ENplus certificate matters."

- Senna, Belgium
"The first bag of pellets I ever purchased was ENplus certified. Honestly, at the time it was a random purchase, but I've never had any issues with my boiler so I'll continue to buy ENplus quality pellets."

- Maria, Bulgaria
How can you recognise a bag of ENplus certified wood pellets?
The ENplus seal is present on all ENplus certified pellet bags. A complete seal will always consist of the ENplus logo, the ID number (country code + 3 digits) of the certified company, and must come with the mention of the quality class.
You can always check our list with companies certified for pellets!
If you suspect fraud, you can use our online form to report it to us!
Our blacklist helps you identify known fraudsters!
ENplus certified pellets are best used with the appliances from the following manufacturers:
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