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ENplus Certification Platform (Radix Tree) Tutorials

Dear Certified Company / Applicant, 

We have recently finished development of the ENplus® Certification Platform (Radix Tree). This platform will help speed up the certification process and facilitate the data management of the parties involved in the certification. The notification system will also remind you when inspections or annual production/trading figures are due, or when some documents are yet to be uploaded. 

Below you will find the tutorials to help you register on the ENplus® Certification Platform and utilize its features once you have been invited

Please follow the steps carefully. Should you have any technical issues that are not addressed within the tutorials, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If by chance you are having problems with accessing or changing data on the ENplus® Certification Platform, please communicate the changes directly to us by email, while the problems get resolved. (e.g. change in certification body, address, etc.). 

1. Being Invited to the ENplus® Certification Platform

PDF  / Video Tutorial

2. The ENplus® Certification Platform Dashboard Explained


3. Recording the Annual Figures in the ENplus® Certification Platform


4. Displaying the ENplus® Certification Platform into your language


Enter the ENplus® Certification Platform