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Biomass Congress 2020

18/05/2020 - 19/05/2020

Biomass Congress 2020: Eastern European Meeting of Biomass Buyers and Suppliers

The Biomass Congress 2020 is the most important industry event for the region, initially planned to take place on 17-18 March but postponed to 18-19 May in Poznań! A reorganization of the event will help each participant to receive a huge portion of new contacts and professional, industry knowledge.


  • how to buy biomass from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine;
  • models of biomass sales to western countries;
  • presentation of companies and organizations participating in the Congress;
  • domestic market - development prospects for 2020;
  • heating or power industry - where is the place of Polish biomass?
  • energy plantations - how much will you earn on it?
  • industry workshops on biomass documentation.

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