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Training for Quality Managers: Sweden

06/10/2022 - 06/10/2022

ENplus® organises a training course for Quality Managers in Lidköping, Sweden, on 06.10.2022 (new date), in collaboration with SVEBIO, and Eurofins Biofuel & Energy Testing Sweden.

The training is dedicated to the ENplus® certified companies located in Northern Europe, but it is open to anyone interested in discovering about the world-leading pellet certification.

As ENplus® quality manager, this training course is mandatory if you have never attended a quality manager training in the current certification period.

The training will cover issues related to requirements for the entities participating in the entire supply chain, from the receipt of raw material, through the production of ENplus® pellets to the delivery to the end-users. Special attention will be given to self-monitoring activities through practical exercises performed by the participants.


Participants will learn about the latest changes to be introduced with the publication of the revised documentation of the ENplus® scheme, coming soon.

All attendees will receive updates on the pellet market and will be given the opportunity to network with pellet producers and traders not only from Sweden but also from other countries.

The first participant from an ENplus® certified company pays a fee of 300€, each additional person from the same company pays 250€. The cost of participation for non-certified companies is 350 €/person.

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Note: the participation in the trainings is confirmed once the payment of the fee is received.