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News 09.01.2020

Call for Trainers

Do you have knowledge of ENplus®, its requirements & operations? Or perhaps you have an excellent grasp of the pellet sector and its markets? If so, we are looking for you!

ENplus® International Management is looking for qualified pellet experts to deliver the well-established ENplus® Quality Managers’ and Truck Drivers’ trainings.

 The world-renowned pellet scheme is seeking to hire experts, within those countries that are directly licensed by the European Pellet Council (EPC). The successful candidates will be registered on an internal database and contacted when needed. 

Aim of the trainings

As Quality Managers (QMs) are the contact point for both internal and external relations of ENplus® companies, they are mandated by the scheme to attend a QM training within the first year of certification and then at least once every certification period. QM training sessions are delivered in the local language by a qualified expert and address plenty of topics, ranging from the reception of raw material, pellet production, management of complaints through to the implementation of self‑monitoring tests. The training sessions are usually split between both the theoretical and practical / interactive aspects of the pellet sector; previous sessions have included visits to modern pellet plants and laboratories as well as hands-on sessions that focus on self-monitoring tests.

ENplus® also mandates that Truck Drivers must also attend training sessions to broaden their knowledge on the scheme. However, contrary to the Quality Managers trainings, companies can outsource the training for Truck Drivers. ENplus® reserves the right to decide whether or not to organise the Truck Drivers trainings along with the Quality Managers ones, based on the specific country.

The main objectives of the Quality Managers and Truck Drivers trainings are:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the certification requirements, including the Bodies involved and its management;
  • Train Quality Managers to implement a satisfying QMS that ensures only the highest quality pellets (pellets in line with the ENplus® standards) are put on to the market;
  • Train the Truck Drivers to correctly deliver bulk pellets and ensure that quality is maintained from factory loading point to storage facility unloading point;
  • Update Quality Managers on the latest developments of the scheme, including the possible revision of its requirements as well as addressing different interpretations of these requirements.

Role of trainers

The trainers will:

  • Provide inputs on the local market and the specific issues of the country where the training is being held;
  • Support EPC in the creation of the training programme;
  • Produce training material that is based on but not limited to material as provided by EPC, in the language of the country where the training is being held;
  • Deliver the training and moderate it (managing/adapting time, taking questions etc.) in the language of the respective market
  • Lead the session on the self-monitoring, splitting the participants into groups, explaining how to perform the exercises, correcting the participants, collecting and comparing the results obtained.

Profile of candidates

The ideal candidate:

  • Excellent knowledge of the ENplus® scheme, its requirements and operations;
  • Background of the pellet industry (e.g. acting as a conformity assessment body for pellet plants or as a pellet producer);
  • An in depth knowledge of the pellet market, in particular, to a specific country;
  • The ability to communicate through the medium of English as well as an additional language(s).

How to apply

In order to apply, candidates are requested to send an email to attaching:

  • A Curriculum Vitae, clearly outlining any previous experience with the ENplus® scheme and/or experience from within the pellet industry, the languages spoken as well as knowledge of the pellet market(s) within the countries he/she knows;
  • A motivational letter outlining why his/her profile is a good fit for the ENplus® Quality Managers’ and/or Truck Drivers trainings;
  • A price offer for their services

The deadline for application is Sunday 9th February 23.59 (Belgian time).

NB: ENplus® reserves the right to ask the candidate for further information should it be required.