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News 10.11.2021

The ENplus® interviews: Sylvie Rasselle from Inspectorate Ghent NV about the role of the Testing Body

We have already introduced you to representatives of some of our listed Certification and Inspection Bodies, and today, we will also give you an opportunity to hear from a representative of another key stakeholder for the certification scheme. Our guest is Sylvie Rasselle - Business Manager Solid Fuels Commodities at the ENplus® Testing Body, Inspectorate Ghent NV.

You are part of the Inspectorate Ghent NV team. What should we know about the company, your colleagues and portfolio of services?

Inspectorate Ghent NV is part of the Bureau Veritas group. Belonging to this meaningful global network, Inspectorate Ghent NV has as its mission to shape a better world. Our portfolio consists of services to the metals and minerals, and agri-food sectors. Strategically located to serve the other part of the industry in the country, we also have the O&P facility, located in Antwerp. We have maintained our trusted name by adhering to our ethical principles, industry certifications and accreditations, utilizing new technologies, and ensuring our professional staff is trained in all facets of the industry to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations.

At Inspectorate Ghent we have a dedicated team of 7 experienced and highly trained people specialized in Biomass, Solid Fuels, and Solid Recovery Fuels testing.

When was the laboratory listed as an ENplus® Testing Body? Please also explain to our readers the role of Testing Bodies, and what analyses Inspectorate Ghent implements for ENplus®.

Our laboratory is listed as an ENplus® Testing Body since 2017. As a Testing Body we perform the pellet analysis required by ENplus® with the highest precision and ultra-modern equipment, all according to ISO 17025 and applicable standards.

It is important to note that Inspectorate Ghent NV is also accredited for these tests by the Belgian accreditation body Belac 393-TEST.

As a Testing Body, we are responsible for the results of the analyses that verify whether wood pellets meet the requirements of ENplus®.

With an expertise of more than 190 years of history and such a global network, we are acting locally and supporting our clients whenever they need 24/7/365. Bureau Veritas is committed to provide a reputation for excellence. Counting on ENplus® as part of our portfolio is of great value. Our purpose as a Testing Body is to contribute positively to society, by reporting independent and reliable data, based on several methods, resulting in utmost quality from either an inspection activity or laboratory analysis.

Is there a big demand for certifications based on the requests for analyses you receive? How do you evaluate it over time?

In a world where the environment and climate are becoming increasingly important and require more and more control, we notice that certification has become unavoidable over the last years.

We know that the products that will be consumed in millions of homes must go through a careful and accurate assessment, and we are in charge of providing this as a Testing Body, ensuring the safety of society as we own a trusted reputation and are respected by governmental bodies.

In line with the ENplus® requirements for quality, what is the pellet parameter that companies struggle with the most and sometimes fail to meet?

I have to admit that for the samples we receive for ENplus® testing, and we are speaking about more than 30 different companies, we experience no problems.

Very occasionally we see a small increase in the fines, but this may be due to the transport or handling of the bags beforehand.

It shows that the companies follow their process very strictly and also understand its importance.

Do you think that pellet end-users in Belgium are aware of the value of the ENplus® certification? Do consumers now care more about certificates than before?

I am sure that consumers today pay much more attention to certificates in general than they did in the past decade(s) and that the importance of a genuine certificate is still growing. For obvious reasons, the younger generations are more sensitive to criteria such as sustainability, traceability etc..

Our premium contacts within Bureau Veritas are B2B, so in that respect it is difficult to say to what extent consumers are familiar with the ENplus® certification as such.

Bureau Veritas is however more than happy to support a broader awareness by generating reliable data with scientific quality control parameters, certifying the commodities products for our clients and contributing to society’s safety.

Inspectorate Ghent Labteam

Inspectorate Ghent NV team