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News 10.02.2022

Market Surveillance Project 2021-2022 has been completed

Just like the past few years, the ENplus® Management has organised and implemented the Market Surveillance Project. The initiative is part of the ENplus® procedures for constant quality control and aims to analyse ENplus® certified bags randomly taken from the market in order to assure compliance with the ENplus® standards.

The pellet bags collected for this project are traditionally taken from the Italian market since Italy is the largest importer and consumer of bagged pellets in Europe. This year was no exception. 36 bags from ENplus® certified producers and traders from 12 different countries were purchased on the Italian market and analysed according to the ENplus® requirements by an ENplus®-listed testing body.

Partial nonconformities were identified for few of the bags. In these cases, the certified companies in question have been contacted and required to address the issues as per their complaint management system. The Certification bodies of those companies have also been involved if any further actions should be necessary.

All ENplus® certified companies are obliged to have a proper quality management system in place and to implement self-monitoring procedures approved by their inspection body. These requirements help them ensure the compliance of their products to ENplus® standards all year long.

The ENplus® Management also values the pellet consumers’ feedback and give them the opportunity to report quality issues via the ENplus® website. If you have experienced such an issue with wood pellets purchased from ENplus® certified companies, please let us know via the following form: