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News 08.04.2022

Call for trainers: ENplus® Inspectors training

ENplus® is the world-leading certification scheme for wood pellet quality and a third-party certification scheme involving external accredited organisations appointing ENplus® inspectors for inspection activities.

To be able to work in the ENplus® scheme, an inspector shall:

  • have a minimum of three (3) years full time experience in forest-based or related industries such as the chemical or engineering sector,
  • have performed at least three (3) ENplus® inspections under the leadership of a qualified inspector (“inspections in-training”),
  • have participated in the initial ENplus® training programme that is recognised by ENplus® International Management before conducting the ENplus® inspection activities.

Currently, ENplus® International Management is looking for highly qualified experts/institutions to deliver this initial ENplus® training programme for inspectors.

The ENplus® certification scheme covers different types of certifications: certification of producer, certification of trader and certification of service provider. Therefore, we would like to reach out to experts/institutions who could offer this training either to inspectors of pellet production plants and pellet trader facilities separately, either to both types of companies.

Aim of the trainings

These trainings will be conducted in English, and should enable inspectors to apply knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. terminology relating to the pellet industry, specifications of pellet quality, quality management systems, pellet auditing and measurement processes;
  2. methodology in taking samples for the determination of pellets specifications;
  3. processes, equipment, raw materials, additives, process cycles, maintenance, logistics, organisation workflow, working practices, shift-scheduling, organisational culture, leadership, behaviour, and other issues specific to the pellet sector;
  4. requirements of the ENplus® scheme, including its structure and governance.

Role of the trainer

The candidate for this call for tenders will:

  • Prepare the training program and produce the training materials based on the aim described above;
  • Provide additional input on the pellet market, specific issues, habits and good practices;
  • Deliver the training and moderate it (managing/adapting time, taking questions etc.).
  • Lead the practical trainings, splitting the participants into groups, providing the instructions, correcting the participants, collecting and comparing the results obtained…
  • Organise a visit to the ENplus® certified plant(s) for performing a real time audit
  • Evaluate the training participants.

Profile of candidates

The ideal candidate:

  • Has an education and work experience in (or related to) the forest-based sector or related industries such as the chemical and engineering sector;
  • Has extensive experience in auditing in the pellet industry and having already performed at ENplus® inspections;
  • Has already attended ENplus® trainings and/or workshops, and has a perfect knowledge of the ENplus® scheme, requirements, and operations;
  • Has experience in the pellet market specificities; having already led a technological survey on the subject;
  • Has experience in delivering trainings.
  • Has been involved in the development of standards (related to pellet quality)

Applying procedure

In order to apply, candidates are requested to send an email to, attaching the following:

  • The Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivation letter explaining why his/her profile is a good fit for providing the ENplus® Inspectors trainings
  • A proposal of the programme and a price offer for providing the training for inspectors of producers.
  • A proposal of the programme and a price offer for providing the training for inspectors of traders.
  • A proposal of the programme and a price offer for providing the training for inspectors of both type of companies.

The deadline to apply is 13/05/2022.

ENplus® reserves the right to ask for further information from the candidate.