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Technical documentation

Documents with mandatory requirements relevant to the ENplus® certification process.

ENplus® ST 1001 - ENplus® wood pellets – Requirements for companies

   ➟ Recognition of the technology for small-scale delivery (v.1 March 2023)

ENplus® ST 1002 - Requirements for certification and testing bodies operating ENplus® certification

   ➟ ENplus® ST 1002 – Technical corrigendum 1

ENplus® ST 1003 - Usage of the ENplus® trademarks - Requirements

Documents with procedural requirements that are relevant to the management of the ENplus® scheme.

ENplus® PD 2001 - Structure and development of ENplus® documentation

ENplus® PD 2002 - Complaints and appeals procedure

ENplus® PD 2003 - Issuance of permissions for the use of the ENplus® trademarks

ENplus® PD 2004 - ENplus® listing of certification and testing bodies

   ➟ ENplus® PD 2004 – Technical corrigendum 1

ENplus® PD 2005 - Governance of the ENplus® certification scheme

ENplus® PD 2006 - ENplus® certification scheme fees

ENplus® PD 2007 - Investigation and resolution of fraudulent use of the ENplus® trademarks

ENplus® PD 2008 - Handling confidential and personal information

Documents, either mandatory or informative that are developed to support the implementation of the ENplus® scheme, e.g. documents with interpretation of ENplus® requirements.

ENplus® GD 3001 - Storage for wood pellets

ENplus® GD 3002 - ENplus® translations of the pellets bag design

ENplus® GD 3004 - Plausibility checks of mass balance systems