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Be Alert: Scams and Phishing

We have just been informed about a second fraudulent message sent from our official email address (enplus@bioenergyeurope.org) to a certified company with an invoice containing a forged bank account number. This is incredibly alarming!

One week ago we notified our certified companies and partners about a fraudulent message describing information about a non-existing new bank account of our organisation.

We would like to reassure you that we haven’t changed our bank account and that we have already taken all the measures necessary to identify the fraudulent party and to prevent future incidents of this nature. Our bank account remains: BE42 0013 6456 2654

If you are suspicious of any email that you have received from enplus@bioenergyeurope.org, or any other Bioenergy Europe email address, please call us at +32 479 79 3462. We are doing all that we can to prevent security breaches such as this. 

Thank you for your attention, and please remain vigilant.