The latest ENplus® survey confirms the certification remains essential for the pellet companies

ENplus® is a certification scheme that values feedback and strives to maintain regular communication with its various stakeholders. In line with our commitment to better understand the certified companies’ needs and expectations, over the past two months, we conducted a dedicated survey to gather feedback.

A total of 118 certified companies from 23 countries completed our questionnaire, thus providing us with important conclusions about the state of the market and the scheme’s role in it. The majority of the respondents are based in Europe, but the collected data also includes feedback from pellet businesses in countries like the United States, Brazil and Egypt. In regard to the representation of the market, 78 pellet producers and 40 traders participated.

More than a decade after its launch, the reputation of ENplus® is pointed out by almost all participants as the scheme’s main asset and key advantage. Additionally, over 90% of respondents define the scheme´s requirements and transparency as main strengths in comparison with other certifications. The positive assessment serves as an appreciation of ENplus® management throughout the years and acceptance for the even stricter requirements that were introduced with the revision of the scheme last year.

According to 82% of the certified companies, the ENplus® certification helps them improve internal quality management. About 70% of the participants also admit that the scheme has definitely helped them improve pellet quality. These findings are nothing less than solid proof of the impact ENplus® has on the pellet market’s development, resulting in the application of better practices and ensuring excellent product quality.

80% of the participating certified companies share that the ENplus® certification is essential to their business. It comes as no surprise that three out of four confess that the scheme has enabled them to access the European pellet market and find new business opportunities abroad. Due to its reputation and broad adoption in many countries, ENplus® certification is often present as a requirement not only in trade negotiations but also in government support schemes.