Kontakt Zdobądź certyfikat

Jak wykryć oszustwo?

From a bag of pellets to a supply contract through any communications material, the display of an official ENplus® seal must always obey the same rules. In case of doubt, we have put together a short guide to help you identify potential fraud cases.

The ENplus® seal

A complete ENplus® seal will always consist of both the ENplus® logo and the ID number (country code + 3 digits) of the certified company
enplus seal    enplus seal bag
For pellet bags, the seal must come with the mention of the quality class

Is the ENplus® seal complete?




Check and compare the ID number (for ENplus® Producers and Traders) with the details on the bag/delivery note, and if the quality class is mentioned where applicable.

Do the details match?




This company is certified with ENplus®



Potential fraud case

Please use our dedicated online form to report the potential fraud case, including as many details as possible (pictures, documents, etc.)