Kontakt Zdobądź certyfikat

Keep an eye out for fraudsters

A few cases of company identity theft have been reported to us lately, where fraudsters had replicated a certified trader or producer's visual identity and website. As for every other type of fraud, ENplus® is taking all necessary actions, in the meantime we wanted to remind some basic steps to follow before any transaction :

  • Always check that the URL of a website and the email addresses being used by a company are legit;
  • Always have a signed contract for every transaction, especially in the case of pre-payment;
  • Always refer to a certified company's profile on our website, as well as to our Blacklist of known frausters;
  • Don't hesitate to contact the ENplus® Head Office or your National Licenser to check the validity of a company's credentials.

For tips and guidelines on how to detect any type of fraud, you can consult the Fraud page on our website. And if you come across a suspicious case, please let us know the specifics via our dedicated online form to ensure that all necessary measures are taken.

Thank you in advance for your help in combatting fraud !