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News 01.02.2018

Bag Design Guidelines

The approval of bag designs has now become a pivotal element of the ENplus® scheme. The Head Office has therefore decided to release detailed guidelines laying down the requirements for this process in a clear and simple way.

In consultation with the ENplus® National Licensers, we have produced two documents:

  • ENplus® G 1: 2018 - Pellet Bag Design – Requirements, which includes the mandatory requirements for ENplus® certified pellet producers and traders regarding the approval of a pellet bag design showing the ENplus® seal. This document is based on and extends the requirements of the ENplus® Handbook.

These guidelines will come into force at the time of their publication, on 20th of February 2018. From this date onward, all bag designs submitted to the relevant Competent Management for approval shall comply with the requirements as laid out in these documents. Compliance of bag designs that have been approved before this date shall be ensured by 20th of August 2018 (a 6-month transition period) and an application for approval of a revised bag design shall be filed in case of non-conformities. The compliance will be evaluated by an ENplus® Auditor at the time of the next ENplus® Annual Inspection. On this occasion, the use of compliant bags will either be confirmed or the company will be issued a type C non-conformity.

The guidelines will be regularly updated by the International Management of ENplus® and we hope that they will help improving and streamlining the approval process of bag designs