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Wood pellets consumers: their habits and purchasing behaviour

In the first two months of 2022, ENplus® has conducted a survey whose goal was to provide a better understanding of the wood pellet consumers’ behavior and habits by gathering direct feedback. The survey was open to anyone willing to share their experience and collected information from a total of 263 respondents located in 31 countries. 

The data shows that most consumers choose pellets because they are a cheaper heating option in comparison with traditional solutions such as gas and electricity. Over 42% of all respondents also point out that their decision was influenced by the fact that pellets are a more environmentally friendly solution. 39% go further by describing it as the most efficient solution for their home.

Consumers survey 1

Most consumers are very much satisfied with their pellet supplier. In fact, almost ¾ admit changing the pellet producer/trade they buy from just once per year or even more rarely. An exception is valid for pellet users in countries such as Romania and North Macedonia where the residential pellet market is in earlier stages of development.

It is no surprise that home delivery is a service most end-users expect and receive. 48% of the respondents in our survey confess to taking advantage of a pellet bag delivery while 26% rely on bulk delivery by truck. In 80% of the cases, the pellets are bought from either a local pellet producer or a local store/supermarket.

Every 9 of 10 respondents determine pellet price as an important or even very important factor when purchasing pellets. The majority claim that quality and sustainability certifications also play a crucial role in deciding what pellet brand to choose.

Consumers survey 2

Among all the certification schemes proposed in the survey, ENplus® is the most valued but also the most popular one. 81% of the participants admit that they were familiar with the scheme before completing the survey while 79% share it is important for them to buy ENplus® certified pellets.