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Technical documentation

You will find below the new ENplus® documentation which is result of the ENplus® revision.

All companies applying for certification after 01.01.2023 should follow this set of documents.

ENplus® ST 1001 - ENplus® wood pellets – Requirements for companies

   ➟ Recognition of the technology for small-scale delivery (v.1 March 2023)

ENplus® ST 1002 - Requirements for certification and testing bodies operating ENplus® certification

   ➟ ENplus® ST 1002 – Technical corrigendum 1

ENplus® ST 1003 - Usage of the ENplus® trademarks - Requirements

ENplus® PD 2001 - Structure and development of ENplus® documentation

ENplus® PD 2002 - Complaints and appeals procedure

ENplus® PD 2003 - Issuance of permissions for the use of the ENplus® trademarks

ENplus® PD 2004 - ENplus® listing of certification and testing bodies

   ➟ ENplus® PD 2004 – Technical corrigendum 1

ENplus® PD 2005 - Governance of the ENplus® certification scheme

ENplus® PD UK 2006 - ENplus® certification scheme fees

ENplus® PD 2007 - Investigation and resolution of fraudulent use of the ENplus® trademarks

ENplus® PD 2008 - Handling confidential and personal information

ENplus® GD 3001 - Storage for wood pellets

ENplus® GD 3002 - ENplus® translations of the pellets bag design

You will find below the various sections of the international version of the ENplus® Handbook (v3.0), with a summary of the content.

National Handbooks and Guidelines are available here and on our local ENplus® websites.

All companies, which have been certified prior to the date of publication of the revised documentation (01.10.2022), shall comply with the requirements of the new document ENplus® ST 1001 and ENplus® ST 1003 by the transition date of 01.01.2024 and the conformity with the requirements will be assessed by the ENplus® certification body as a part of the next regular inspection after the transition date.

New certificates issued between the publication date (01.10.2022) of the new documentation and the date of entry into the force (01.01.2023) may comply with the requirements of ENplus® ST 1001 and ENplus® ST 1003 or with the ENplus® Handbook, version 3.0.

  • Part I : Generalasset 33
    • General information and overview
    • Scope of the ENplus® Certification Scheme
    • Definition of terms
    • Normative References
  • Part V : Scheme Organisationasset 33

    This section contains the requirements for organisations responsible for conformity assessment, namely:

    • Certification Bodies
    • Inspection Bodies
    • Testing Bodies
  • Part VI : Schedule of Feesasset 33

    This section contains the schedule of fees for all ENplus® certified/listed organisations:

    • Certified Producers
    • Certified Traders
    • Certified Service Providers
    • Listed Inspection bodies
    • Listed Testing bodies
  • GHG Calculatorasset 33

    Within the ENplus® scheme, the Carbon Footprint (CO2-eq emitted per tonne of pellets produced) of every certified pellet production plant has to be calculated thanks to this tool. The data gathered by the ENplus® Management is for aggregated country statistical purposes only.

  • ENplus® Storage Guidelinesasset 33

    The ENplus® storage guidelines describe the requirements to preserve fuel quality and provide safe storage of pellets for both professionals (such as installers) and consumers. It covers the technical properties of pellet stores as well as information on safe and adequate operation of these stores.

  • ENplus® Bag Design Guidelinesasset 33

    This document includes mandatory requirements for ENplus® certified pellet Producers and Traders regarding the approval of a pellet bag design showing the ENplus® seal. It is based on and extends the requirements of the ENplus® Handbook, version 3.0, Part 2, relating to the requirements for bag designs showing the ENplus® seal.

    The following document provides additional guidance regarding the translation of the bag designs

  • ENplus® COVID-19 Guidanceasset 33

    The ENplus® COVID-19 guidelines provides guidance on the implementation of the ENplus® requirements during this period for the companies affected by medical and travel restrictions.

  • ENplus® War Zone Guidanceasset 33

    This document provides guidance on the implementation of the ENplus® requirements for the companies affected by the war in Ukraine or any similar situation as described in the Scope section and recognised by the European Pellet Council.

How can I identify an ENplus® certified company?

All ENplus® certified companies (suspended certificates included) are listed on our website, the list is always kept up-to-date. Companies that are not listed here are not considered ENplus® certified.

How can I identify an ENplus® certified product?

All communication material (website, flyer, etc.) from a certified company, when referring to ENplus® certified pellets, should contain a valid certification seal. The certified company details shown on the communication material should correspond to the ones shown on the certified producers/traders list. More information

What is a suspended certificate?

A suspended certificate means that the company is no longer authorised to produce or sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark for a period of time. Make sure to check the status of the certificate you are looking up!

How is the ENplus® seal registered?

The ENplus® logo and the terms “ENplus®” and “ENplus A1″® are registered as an International Trademark under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and as Community Trademarks (CTMs) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

This means that a non-licensed use of the trademark or parts therefore may constitute an infringement of AEBIOM/EPC’s owner rights. AEBIOM/EPC shall be entitled to prohibit the fraudulent use of the ENplus® logo and marks, as well as to assert claims for compensation where necessary. In addition, we may publish details of this fraudulent use on our Blacklist.

How can a certified company use ENplus® on its pellet bags?

The ENplus® certification grants certified companies the right to bag their pellets in bags showing the ENplus® logo.

All ENplus® bag designs must be approved by the International Management of ENplus® (EPC) (in countries without any National Management) or the competent National Management before the bags are sold on the market.

All the information about the approval of the bag designs and those requirements can be found in the ENplus® Bag Design Guidelines and in the ENplus® Handbook.

Bagging pellets in non-approved bags is not allowed. Any non-compliance with this may lead to the suspension of a certified company’s certificate or the inclusion of a non-certified company on our Blacklist.

How may the ENplus® seal be used?

The ENplus® seal may only be used in connection with a valid license. The ENplus® Head Office and the National Licensers are the only entities delivering the seal. It may be used, for example, in advertising material and on packaging, but only in direct connection with the certified company for which it has been issued. Here is a recap table* :

Object Name Who may use it? How to use it?
logo ENplus® Logo European Pellet Council, National Licensers, and listed Certification, Inspection, and Testing bodies. Communication material.
BE 023 ENplus® ID number Certified companies It can be used only on delivery papers.
logo seal Certification Seal = ENplus® Logo + ENplus® ID Certified companies For advertising purposes.
Certified companies that manufacture or trade certified and non-certified goods shall avoid giving the impression that all their production and trade quantities are certified.
A non-certified company trading ENplus® certified bagged pellets may display the certification seal only by showing a picture of the bags featuring the seal.
quality logo ENplus® Quality Logo Nobody It cannot be used alone under any circumstances.
quality seal ENplus® Quality Seal Certified companies To be displayed on the label of the bagged pellets. It may be used as well for marketing purposes related to the product of the respective quality class.
service logo Service Logo European Pellet Council, National Licensers, and listed Certification, Inspection, and Testing bodies. Communication material
BE 912 SP Service Provider Registration Number Nobody It cannot to be used alone.
service sign Service Sign Certified Service Providers To be used on all documents (contracts, invoices, etc.).

*Please note Please note that the ID numbers are only examples. Information about permitted colors and color combinations can be found in the Annex of the ENplus® Handbook 3.0 (Part 2), pages 49-50.