Advancing Wood Pellet Systems in Canada webinar draws hundreds

Advancing wood pellet heating systems in Canada is a topic that generated nearly 350 people signing up from Canada and around the world on May 8 for a free webinar, hosted by the Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) and media partner Canadian Biomass magazine, to kick off the first annual Bioheat Week.

The high level of interest supports what WPAC has been witnessing in countries across the globe that rely on bioheat to help meet ambitious climate goals: a seismic shift toward the use of clean energy is accelerating the use of bioheat and in many European countries, wood pellets have become a mainstream source of home and commercial heating.

Canadian wood pellets are made entirely from the residues of the primary forest industry, and pellets sourced from responsible producers in well-regulated countries like Canada are unquestionably sustainable and a part of the climate solution. During the webinar, we shared international, national and local success stories.

“In Canada, we’ve got one of the coldest climates in the world and there are still many peoples across the country that rely on oil, coal or diesel to heat their homes,” explained Gord Murray, executive director of WPAC. “Wood pellets are locally made and there are expert installers and equipment suppliers across Canada that are supporting the shift to bioheat in homes, schools, hospitals and commercial buildings.”

The webinar illustrated the depth and breadth of wood pellet uses and operations to help participants gain more understanding of the benefits of highly-automated modern pellet heating systems from wood pellet stoves to furnaces, commercial and industrial boilers, and district energy systems. Step by step, the ins and outs of fuel procurement, storage, boiler operation, factors for efficient combustion, particulate emissions, ash handling and building heat distribution were presented.

It’s clear from the interest this webinar generated that there is a groundswell of support for wood pellets and increasing awareness of the potential of local bioheat solutions right here at home.

If you missed this popular webinar, you can watch it here or download the presentation here.

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