A New Year has Begun and WPAC is Ready!

Canada’s pellet sector is a global powerhouse not just in producing pellets but in the global fight against climate change. In a large part, this is the result of the hard work of our members.

As a sector, it’s our responsibility to keep pushing, delivering, and innovating. The Wood Pellet Association of Canada and its members take this responsibility seriously. We’ve been busy working on every front, both globally and domestically, from supplying global markets with renewable energy to alleviating energy poverty right here in Canada and to making our people and communities safer.

Global Respect

Globally, we have participated in ground-breaking discussions from India to Japan and across Europe and we’ve made tremendous progress on meeting the burgeoning demand for wood pellets and on logistics and policy fronts. Today countries like India are recognizing the potential for biomass to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to clean energy. Across the world in Japan, Canadian pellets surpassed exports to Europe.

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