National support schemes that will help you switch to pellet appliance 2023

National support schemes in Europe now make it easier and more affordable for consumers to replace old fossil-fuel-based appliances (or outdated ones running on biomass) with modern pellet boilers and stoves. This article provides an overview of the available support in various European countries.

All states with active support schemes are indicated in green on the map below. Please scroll down to the country of your interest for more information.

Note: This article might not include complete information about all types of available support. The information was also last updated in August 2023, therefore, some of the support schemes might be no longer active.

National support schemes 2023



Subsidies for the replacement of appliances using fossil fuels with pellet boilers are available in Austria. The ministry of climate offers to cover up to 7500 € of the cost of a domestic pellet boiler. 

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Primes Habitation

Grants are available in Wallonia for households wanting to install a biomass boiler or stove. The grant amount varies from 1800 € to 10800 € for pellet boilers and from 400 € to 2400 € for pellet stoves depending on the total income of the household. Eligible technologies are subject to performance and emissions conditions.

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LifeIP CleanAir

The main objective of the project LifeIP CleanAir is to improve the air quality in the municipalities of Sofia, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo and Montana. The municipalities cover the full cost for the replacement of an old coal/wood appliance with a pellet.

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Renovation of family houses program

Owners of family houses can apply for support for the installation of a pellet boiler. The grant is up to 60% of the cost and depends on the location of the house.

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New Green Savings subsidy program

Subsidies for the replacement of old non-ecological boilers of the 1st and 2nd classes are available in Czechia. Households with lower incomes receive up to 95% subsidy for replacing an old boiler, while the other households also have the opportunity for a subsidy of up to 50%.

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Owners of detached houses could be granted a state subsidy to replace their oil or gas heating system with other forms of heating. The amount of the grant is 4000 € when switching from oil heating to district heating, geothermal heat pump or air-to-water heat pump or 2500 € when switching to other non-fossil fuel heating systems.

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Ma Prime Renov

The grant “Ma Prime Renov” is the main available grant to households in regard to building renovations and covers various heating solutions. The amount of support is fixed and calculated based on the type of heating installation and the household income.

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Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA)

State support is available. The eligible technologies include pellet heating systems.

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Grants for the installation of pellet appliances are available to households with low incomes.

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Conto Termico, Ecobonus, Bonus Casa

The initiatives Ecobonus and Bonus Casa provide for a tax deduction of 65% or 50% for new installation of biomass boiler/stove. Households can also apply for up to 65% financial support when replacing their outdated heating system with a new biomass heating system as part of the Conto Termico support scheme. Regional schemes may also come in addition to the Conto Termico scheme, covering up to 100% of the expenses.

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State support is available to households for the purchase and installation of new equipment using renewable energy sources (RES) such as pellet boilers (up to 3 400 €).

The energy efficiency program for private houses is another opportunity for government support. Households can receive reimbursement of 1000 € for technical assistance and up to 5000 € for the purchase of pellet appliances.

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Project for replacement of inefficient boilers

The local project encourages households to replace inefficient biomass-based individual boilers with more efficient technologies such as pellet boilers matching Class 5 according to the Lithuanian standard LST EN 303-5:2012. The financial contribution of the individual project is 50% of the eligible costs.

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The Netherlands


The available grant depends on the installation capacity. For biomass boilers it starts from 2500 € (for 40kW or less than 40 kW) and adds 110 euro for each kW above 40 kW. For pellet stoves, it is calculated per kW (50 €) with the minimum grant being 500 €.

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Clean Air Program

The program provides subsidies by the government for the replacement of old heating solutions and for home renovation. The amount of the support depends on the income of household members and is divided into three categories: support of up to PLN 5 600 (but not more than 40% of the cost), up to PLN 9 700 (but not more than 70% of the cost), and up to PLN 13 900 (but not more than 100% of the cost).

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Green Households project

Within the project, households can receive a grant to replace their old boiler running on coal/heating oil with a pellet boiler.

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Eko Sklad

The program provides subsidies for the purchase and installation of a new biomass boiler to replace an old heating appliance. The amount could reach 100% of the cost but not more than 8000 €.

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RD 477/2021 Program for domestic appliances (until the end of 2023)

RD 1124/2021 Program for Industrial & Commercial appliances (until the end of 2023)
DUS 5000 Program for public bodies

The support varies and depends on several factors as well as on the municipality.

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The nationwide support program provide a subsidy that is calculated on the basis of the annual energy consumption and amounts to 18 centimes per kilowatt hour or 1.80 francs per litre of heating oil. This corresponds to 360 francs per kilowatt of heating capacity for a correctly dimensioned heating system with 2000 full load hours.

The subsidy in the form of a climate premium is based on the CO₂ savings and increases linearly with the savings potential. This is without a limit on the amount.

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The United Kingdom

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) supports the decarbonisation of heat in buildings. It provides an upfront capital grant to support the installation of a biomass boiler in homes and non-domestic buildings in England & Wales. Acting on behalf of property owners, installers can apply for £5000 off the cost and installation of a biomass boiler.

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