ENplus® certified traders form a global network of pellet professionals committed to the highest quality product.

Each ENplus® certified trader endorses a unique ENplus® ID from XX 301 to XX 899 (wherein XX stands for the country code).

Below you will find a frequently-updated list of all pellet traders certified under the ENplus® scheme along with detailed information related to their certificate including their approved bag designs. An active certificate means that the company is able to sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark. A suspended certificate means that the company is no longer able to sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark for a period of time. A terminated certificate means that the company may no longer use the ENplus® trademark.

* More information about the certified companies in Germany (including approved bag designs) is provided here: 


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Type of certificate:
ID Trader Certificate Country City Website
AT 301 RZ Pellets GmbH Active Austria 3370 Ybbs
AT 302 Pellex Bioenergie GmbH (Terminated, 20.02.2012) Terminated Austria
AT 303 Genol Gesellschaft m.b.H. Active Austria 2100 Korneuburg
AT 304 Spiegel GmbH, Bauwaren und Brennstoffe Active Austria 6850 Dornbirn
AT 305 Gussmagg Ges.m.b.H. Active Austria 8212 Pischelsdorf in der Steiermark
AT 306 Raiffeisen – Lagerhaus Hopfgarten-Wörgl und Umgebung Ges.m.b.H. Active Austria 6361 Hopfgarten
AT 307 Johann Pabst Holzindustrie GmbH Active Austria 8740 Zeltweg
AT 308 Peter Seppele GmbH Active Austria 9710 Feistritz/Drau
AT 309 Glechner Pellets GmbH Terminated Austria 5230 Mattighofen
AT 310 Raiffeisenverband Salzburg eGen Active Austria 5020 Salzburg
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The ENplus® certified producer, or trader may issue a written permission for the use of the ENplus® wordmark with quality class, ENplus® quality seal, ENplus® wordmark, and ENplus® logo to the following entities that are trading ENplus® certified pellets and do not hold an ENplus® certification:

a. an entity working as an intermediary trader that does not take ownership of the traded bulk pellets (a broker);

b. an entity that trades bulk pellets without physical contact;

c. a trader of bagged pellets.

The ENplus® certified producer or trader issuing the permission shall immediately report all issued permissions to the ENplus® certification body as well as to the relevant ENplus® scheme management.