Choosing a certified pellet supplier (tender)

ENplus®  Head Office would like to provide advice so that when choosing a pellet supplier within any tender, technicians know how to choose a company that complies with the certification.


Which pellet suppliers are certified by ENplus®?

The ENplus® certification covers the entire supply chain, meaning that both pellet producers and pellet traders can apply and get certified. Each ENplus® certified producer endorses a unique ENplus® ID from XX 001 to XX 299 (wherein XX stands for the country code) and each ENplus® certified trader endorses a unique ENplus® ID from XX 301 to XX 899 (wherein XX stands for the country code).


How can I check if a company is certified?

You can find the lists of certified pellet producers and traders on our website, within the section “Certifications”.

Youcan also use the search bar on the home page to search by company name or ID number. Once you access the profile page of a particular company, pay attention to the Status of certificate. Companies with active status are holders of active certificates and are trustworthy.


What happens if a trader presents the certificate of a certified producer (the one of the company from which it buys pellets), but the trader itself does not have a certificate?

In this case, the pellets are NOT ENplus® certified since the trader is not certified and therefore there’s no evidence the company meets the ENplus® requirements for ensuring the pellet quality.

It is mandatory that the company bidding for the tender has a valid certificate associated with its name, VAT number and a unique ENplus® ID number.