More Than a Decade with Us: Energy Pellets d.o.o.

With our campaign “More Than a Decade with Us”, we want to tell the inspirational stories of the companies that got certified with ENplus® more than 10 years ago and remained loyal to the scheme during all this time. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to another company that leads by example – the Croatian pellet producer Energy Pellets d.o.o.

Energy pellets d.o.o. was founded in 2007 and until today, the main activity of the company is pellet production. At the heart of their business philosophy we find a mix of a few important elements – volume growth, high quality and the adoption of new products.

In doing so, the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) are always respected. The best proof of that is the investment in a solar power plant and cogeneration equipment, which, once fully operational, will produce 78% of the necessary electricity in the plant, and this will result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gases.”, explains the company director, Raoul Cvečić Bole.

In fact, Energy Pellets d.o.o. takes climate change and the Paris Agreement objective very seriously. The management of the company decided to contribute to the goal with the following activities during the next 5-year period:

  • Increasing energy efficiency;
  • Use of energy from renewable sources;
  • Reduction of fossil fuel consumption;
  • Construction of own photovoltaic power plant;
  • Construction of a highly efficient cogeneration facility;
  • Transformation by digitalization of the company from the current industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, and then 5.0.

The company constantly invests in computerisation and automation of operations, which led to the installation of a digital management centre, which greatly contributed to production efficiency.

As one of the first pellet producers in Croatia, Energy Pellets d.o.o. has permanent and well-established procurement and sales channels. From the very foundation of the company until today, Italy is the largest market.

Well-established sales channels, long-term good relations with customers, high-quality products, significant investments in marketing and sales activities, acceptable distance from the production plant in Delnice to the market are the main advantages of Energy pellets d.o.o. in the sale of pellets on the Italian market.”, clarifies Raoul.

The company is ENplus® certified since 2013 and offers both ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 quality pellets. 

In our opinion, the only way to be present on the market is to have an ENplus® certificate. Today, it is “a must-have”. Because of it, we obviously have more “top” clients.”, concludes Raoul.