More Than a Decade with Us: Warmeston OÜ

The next company we will tell you more about as part of our campaign “More Than a Decade with Us” is based in Estonia and is a holder of not one but three ENplus IDs: EE 002, EE 007 and EE 009. It is a pleasure to share with you the story of Warmeston OÜ. […]

More Than a Decade with Us: Energy Pellets d.o.o.

With our campaign “More Than a Decade with Us”, we want to tell the inspirational stories of the companies that got certified with ENplus® more than 10 years ago and remained loyal to the scheme during all this time. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to another company that leads by example – […]

More Than a Decade with Us: Pirin Pellet EOOD

Our latest initiative “More Than a Decade with Us” pays special attention to the companies that were among the first to apply for an ENplus® certificate and remained certified for more than a decade. Today, we will take you on a journey to Bulgaria to introduce you to the first Bulgarian certified producer – Pirin […]

More Than a Decade with Us: Plospan Bio-Energy B.V.

Over the course of the past 13 years, ENplus® gained popularity and became a symbol of wood pellet quality. Throughout this journey, many pellet producers, traders and service providers applied for certification but we would like to pay special attention to those who were among the first to join us and remained certified for more […]

Choosing a certified pellet supplier (tender)

ENplus®  Head Office would like to provide advice so that when choosing a pellet supplier within any tender, technicians know how to choose a company that complies with the certification.   Which pellet suppliers are certified by ENplus®? The ENplus® certification covers the entire supply chain, meaning that both pellet producers and pellet traders can […]

ENplus® is looking for a Certification Technical Officer

ENplus® certification is recruiting a Certification Technical Officer for joining the Certification department in supporting the development of the ENplus® scheme. ENplus® is a certification scheme that guarantees wood pellet quality. More information about it: