Support the Market Surveillance Project 2023 by submitting a sample of pellets

The Market Surveillance Project is an initiative aiming at analysing ENplus® certified bags of pellets randomly taken from the market in order to assure compliance with the ENplus® standards. 

Laboratory analyses are conducted on the collected pellets and the results are used to evaluate the performance of the certification scheme. The project is part of ENplus® procedures for constant quality control.

This year, it is open to anyone who wants to submit a sample of certified pellets for analysis. ENplus® would like to encourage especially the pellet consumers to take advantage and verify the quality of the certified pellets they usually purchase for free.

The participation is voluntary and confidential, and the costs of the analyses will be covered by the ENplus® management. Results will be communicated to participants at the end of the project and in case of non-conformities, the respective certified companies will be contacted for corrective actions.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in this form and don’t hesitate to contact us at:  for any questions you might have.

The ENplus® Market Surveillance Project has already been organised for several years and contributed significantly to the better quality control of the scheme and the objective of protecting the value of the certification.