Wim Vanlede from RIKA and Karel Van Wonterghem from ÖkoFEN reveal how advanced modern pellet appliances are

Modern pellet appliances have many advantages in comparison to their older versions. To learn how the technology has evolved and get the latest news about the pellet boilers and stoves, we have the pleasure to meet today with Wim Vanlede from RIKA Belgium and Karel Van Wonterghem representing ÖkoFEN Belgium.

Wim, Karel, introduce us to your brands and your portfolio of pellet appliances.

Wim: Since 2004, Stroomop has been promoting eco-friendly heating with pellets and wood. We sell pellet stoves, wood-burning stoves and combi stoves from the Austrian brand RIKA. These stoves place great emphasis on low consumption, low emissions, solid materials and a contemporary yet timeless design.

The RIKA pellet stoves stand out mainly with their quiet operation. Their technology ensures that heat is distributed via natural convection and radiant heat. Furthermore, they have an intuitive touch display and a WIFI module to control the stove remotely. Certain stoves also have automatic cleaning, allowing you to use them as a main heating system. In addition, we have smart wood stoves with automatic air control and ignition. We also have combi stoves with the comfort and convenience of a pellet stove, but which can also heat on logs.

With all these solutions, together with our more than 150 dealers in the Benelux, we are ready for the future!

Karel: ÖkoFEN is Europe’s specialist in pellet boilers and one of the leading suppliers of different solutions for various application areas based on renewable energy sources. From economical and convenient pellet heating systems through to space-saving pellet tanks.

Why should Belgian consumers (and not only them) consider switching to using pellets as a heating solution?

Wim: Many Belgians are stressed about renewing their heating system. There is a lot of uncertainty about what is now the best choice for the coming years. Heating with wood/pellets is an answer to current challenges such as reducing greenhouse gases. We save a lot of CO2 with wood/pellets versus fossil fuels. In addition, they increase our energy independence, are produced locally and are renewable. The big difference between wood and pellets, is the maximum comfort and minimum maintenance. You do not need to know the correct firing technique, you do not need to worry about poor combustion (not enough dry wood), you do not need to clean the stove as much and the pellets take up less space. Nothing but benefits!

By the way, we are also sure that one day there will be no more gas. So with pellets, you are not only actively contributing to a better environment, you are also making the choice to heat in the future. Because wood is the only solid fuel that can always be replanted and harvested and will therefore remain available for future generations.

Karel: For ecological, economic and ideological reasons. Wood pellets burn CO2-neutral; they emit exactly as much CO2 during combustion as the tree has previously absorbed from the air and converted back into oxygen.

Heating with wood pellets is sustainably advantageous. The price is not linked to the oil price, but is determined in line with the market according to supply and demand.

Wood is a regional raw material and the pellet industry is everywhere. This provides several advantages for the customer: it supports the regional economy and creates jobs. Unlike oil, which is increasingly supplied from crisis areas such as the Middle East, or gas, which is equally dependent on political decisions abroad, pellet boiler owners heat with a secure fuel.

The best thing about pellet heating: with all these advantages, a pellet boiler offers almost the same comfort as an oil or gas boiler and can therefore be used flexibly: in single-family homes as well as in businesses and the industrial sector. A pellet boiler is always the appropriate solution.

The efficiency of a pellet boiler is independent of the outside temperature and a pellet boiler can work in combination with radiators and/or underfloor heating. In addition, the pellet boiler also provides production of domestic hot water.

Alongside ENplus®, you are co-organisers of an educational tour about the benefits of using wood pellets that will take place in September in Belgium. Let us know why people should visit the event?

Wim: People have a lot of choice in terms of heating options and stoves in particular. By touring the country with our RIKA bus, we want to show what is possible. Since aesthetical value plays an important factor, you can see part of our range with your own eyes. In addition, you can experience how beautiful and calm the flame pattern of our pellet stoves is, whereas with other brands it can be agitated. The great comfort of intuitive operation, automatic ash removal and quiet operation will become completely clear during the tour. We will be happy to assist you!

Karel: The ÖkoFEN Pellematic Condens with ZeroFlame technology will be presented working. This new combustion technology ensures particulate emissions below the measuring range, without an additional filter.

We will convince you of the cleanliness of the flue gas through a flue gas channel in glass. You will discover that a pellet boiler can be set up compactly and is easy and intuitive to operate.

The ÖkoFEN specialists can answer all your questions and inform you personally about the numerous advantages of heating with an ÖkoFEN pellet boiler.

Photos: FORT 07 (https://www.fort07.be/nl)